About Nikki W.

I'm Nikki Waterson. 

I'm a South Australian based visual artist with a passion for illustration, connecting with my local community by making art accessible, and building thoughtful projects that benefit others.

I have an assortment of things going on, from running painting events in regional SA through Country Paint Nights to creating adorable animal greeting cards (and other products) for animal rescue fundraising through Paws for Giving.

I offer workshops and consult on artist businesses, with high proficiency in technology, social media, e-commerce (Shopify), marketing and advertising, writing and editing.

If you want to get in touch, please do. All of my details are on my Contact page.

Finally, if you look around and like what I do, please take the time to follow my social media pages. Facebook and Instagram are the best way to stay up to date with what I have planned.

Take a look around, enjoy yourself, and thanks for stopping by!

Paws for giving

There is a special place in my heart for the small and downtrodden. This echoes through all facets of my life, and when I look back through my art over time I can see why I gravitate towards bright colours and cute things. I like to create happiness with my art. Animals create happiness day to day (except for cats, cats mostly just judge people).

There are people all across Australia who give up their time, money, social life, hygiene, jobs and personal space to care for abandoned, sick and injured animals of all shapes and sizes. I created Paws for Giving with this in mind.

The local rescues are the ones who are asking for donations of small amounts week by week, and are otherwise funded by the one or five individuals who run them. They have networks of foster carers, businesses donating services like photography, shredded paper or blankets, and followers who appreciate the work they do and donate when they can. But they still regularly struggle for funds.

I was determined to find a way to create a fundraising avenue for all of the local rescues, that was no-effort and no-cost on their part. That's how I came up with Paws for Giving. If that doesn't convince you, who doesn't want to see adorable animals on their greeting cards?

I paint animals in watercolour, lined in a waterproof felt pen, and scan them to my PC. For the Christmas range, I painted the 'dress up' pieces in acrylic paints, and scanned them similarly. I used Photoshop to edit the images and create the 'collage' version you see on the cards now, with a few touch-ups or changes for personality. The design on the back of the card is mine down to the icons, using individual images I hand drew and vectorised with Photopea. Photopea is awesome, by the way, it's a free competitor to Photoshop, and it runs in a browser. Definitely worth checking out.

I use Adelaide based printers Snap, and they are great at every step. There's nothing like seeing your own creation made tangible, and they make the process smooth.

Oh, and it shouldn't have to be said, but I'm going to say it... 

DISCLAIMER: Don't wrap your animals in Christmas lights, that's a huge no-no.

Country Paint Nights

Having lived in rural and remote South Australia from 2013-2019, I recognised the need for fresh and fulfilling entertainment in country SA. I founded Country Paint Nights in February 2019, to bring 'paint and sip' style events to Whyalla.

The first time I went to a similar event was in 2016, and it had me hooked on painting after years and years of doodles, sketching and playing with watercolour pencils. See, I never attended any sort of art school. Though more recently I've enjoyed a range of workshops in oils, acrylics, watercolours and drawing.

I love teaching the basic steps of painting to beginners or long time dabblers alike. The best is when participants get in touch later to show me what they've started working on at home. I'm excited to explore more ways for art to bring communities across Country SA together.